Vickery Hall opened its doors in 1991 as the first facility in the country constructed solely to provide academic support to student athletes.


  • One of only three athletic academic programs certified by College
    Reading and Learning Association
  • One of only 19 programs in the country certified by the National
    Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics
  • 16 full-time staff members
  • Two-story 27,000 square foot building
  • Tutor and Mentor programs
  • 32 state of the art computers
  • 2 high speed printers
  • Copy machine
  • High Res color printer
  • Computer Lab assistant’s available day and night.


A top-25 public university with more than 80 undergraduate majors and 110 graduate degree programs, Clemson University leads the way in providing a hands-on education.

Vickery Hall is under the direction of Steve Duzan. Together with the dedicated staff, they guide and encourage each individual to reach his or her full potential as a student, athlete and citizen.


Representatives from each team serve on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) to participate in decisions pertaining to student-athlete welfare. SAAC engages in activities that foster personal and leadership development that they share with their respective teams.


– Holland Codes

The Holland Codes is a system to classify jobs into job categories, interest clusters, or work personality environments. Freshmen participate in the Holland Codes workshop to help them determine what majors and career fields could be a good fit for them.

– Pro Day

Pro Day serves as a networking opportunity for upperclassmen; setup by major and intended career field, professionals from the community, including Clemson alumni engage with student-athletes with the hope of serving as a professional mentor and resource.

– Social Media

All student-athletes participate in a workshop on social media focusing on the positive and appropriate use of social media. Social media can be used for professional advantages and advances, to engage with fans, and as a platform to display your personality.


– Dining Etiquette Training

All freshmen will be required to attend the dining etiquette workshops in preparation for being in situations which require professional/formal dining.

– Networking Fashion Show

Juniors will be required to attend a fashion show on professional versus unprofessional attire sponsored by Belk featuring Clemson’s very own student-athletes. Juniors will also be taught the importance of networking and perform exercises which will teach them how to network professionally.

– Resume Workshop

All sophomores will be required to attend a rotating resume workshop which will cover all sections that should be included on a resume. They will also be taught techniques to market and transfer skills learned on teams and in the classroom onto their resume

– Transitioning From Backpack To Briefcase

All seniors will attend a seminar on preparing for life after college.


– Peer Mentorship

A selective group of upperclassmen are chosen to serve as peer mentors for incoming freshmen. Mentors undergo training in a variety of topics such as leadership, communication, mental health, and goal-setting to name a few, so they can be best equipped to lead and serve as a resource to the freshmen.

– Branding

Perspective is everything. This program serves to help our athletes think about how they want to represent themselves, their team, and Clemson University. The objective of the program is for each team to create their own brand by the conclusion of the program

– DiSC Assessment

A behavior assessment that is used to increase self-awareness while promoting the understanding of peoples differences. Teams benefit from this program because provides an understanding and appreciation for different personality styles which in return helps improve communication and team chemistry. 


– Freshman Immersion

SAS works with Vickery hall to put on engaging and informative workshops for incoming freshmen student-athletes. Topics such as social media, goal-setting, and sexual education are covered; peer mentors help facilitate these activities to help freshmen transition into being a successful Clemson student.

– Personal Development
– Social Media (see above)

Alcohol Awareness is an educational program about the realities of drinking in college; specifically how alcohol hinders athletic performance and nutritional progression.

Money Management: a budgeting workshop that teaches student-athletes everything about money management from tips on how to manage their scholarship checks, to paying bills and opening up a savings account, to tips for budgeting their first real pay check once they graduate and enter the real world


– Solid Orange Squad

A university accredited student-organization that organizes, promotes, and fosters community service projects for Clemson student-athletes. This group encourages student-athletes to give back to the surrounding community.

– Be A T.I.G.E.R!

Be a TIGER is a character education program that serves as the platform for 4 student directed programs. Teamwork, Integrity, Gratitude, Education, Respect. TIGER Talk and TIGER Pals are pen pal programs that use the character traits to create prompts. TIGER Newspaper incorporates a theme and story to teach elementary aged children about the TIGER Traits. Be a TIGER field day is an event where student-athlete volunteers work TIGER themed stations to engage children. Over 1000 children come each year.

– Teams/Personal Initiatives

Teams often initiate their own community service projects but can receive support from the community engagement office. Individual student-athletes that want to go above and beyond in their dedication to community service can utilize the community engagement office as a resource for guidance, materials, or other support.